Prime Example of a Builder

The Theory of Building

Building is an esoteric craft passed down from father to son, from teacher to student. The one uniquely human trait of Building. The theory of Building can be concisely explained with its principles and the three concepts which carry forward the unified theory of building.

  1. Principles of Building
  2. Building is a process.
  3. Building requires intent.
  4. Building Builds the builder.

Principles of Building

  1. Bricks are our base, we know nothing but the brick
  2. Bricks can be combined with mortar to stand strong
  3. Bricks can be stacked to create synthetic structures
  4. The process of stacking creates complexity
  5. The process of stacking is driven by the Builder
  6. Every brick laid by the Builder must be laid with intent to Build
  7. The Builder and the Building are one, as the Builder builds the Building, the Building Builds the Builder

Building is a process

No Building was Built in a single day and so the process of Building is a key component of our theory of Building. Building requires raw material, bricks and mortar yet it also requires the process, taking the brick, using the trowel to apply mortar and setting it to be perfectly flush with the rest is the process of Building.


Building is a synthetic process but a process all the same, processes are concepts which come from the mind of Builders. Long before recorded history Builders created synthetic processes of Building various Machina and Automata which Builders realized only in recent history their ability to Build such structures, they have honed their ability to construct both mentally and physically their esoteric craft and have had their bodies and minds rebuilt by the divine process of Building to use the tools of their making. Some argue it was indeed the process of Building that shaped our current lives more than any other discipline. The process of Building is one of the esoteric mysteries of Building which we know little about.

Building requires Intent

The mind can invoke its will on the body but it cannot invoke its will on the spirit and the Intent to Build is something every Builder must conjure with each brick they place. One misplaced brick is all that takes for the structure to come crashing down. The Builders mind consists of two concepts in their awareness and two concepts which feed into their mind as they Build.



Intent is the awareness of the structure, the brick in the Builders hand and the wall they are building but most important its the placement of the Brick, The Builder always places their bricks with intent to Build.

Ideal Structure

The Ideal Structure is the Builders trained mind expressing through the Builders awareness what the structure they are Building should be. Its a communication process between the unaware mind and the aware mind fighting to grasp the perfect yet practical structure from the bricks and the mortar at hand.


The process is an unaware function of the Builders mind. All Builders are aware of their Intent and the Ideal structure but the process is fluid, it fluctuates with each brick the Builder places.

Future Builder

The Future Builder is a concept but also a biological reaction to Building, as the bricks the Builder lays Build the Building, so does the Builder Build his own mental and physical existence which may manifest in generations or eons.

Building Builds The Builder

As number of bricks increase which the Builder placed with Intent to Build. The feedback on the Builder permanently changes the Builders mind and body. Every brick the builder places, they must place with Intent to Build and as such the Ideal structure creates the Ideal mind and body for the Builder which carries forward metaphysically throughout time and space.