I do not condone playing video games if you’re over the age of 21. Video games are entertainment for children not something functioning adults do in their free time.

Early and often .t Sam

How I rate games

There are three things I look at:

  1. The world should accurately be simulated and have integrity.
    • The game should not have or rely on a story (I’m playing a game not watching a movie plus its hard to inject social signals into an interactive medium without being obvious)
    • The game rules should reasonably connect beginning to end
    • The game environment should be as interactive as possible.
  2. The UI should make sense for the game.
    • Its 2015+5 simple things like drop down menus and mouse interaction should be a minimum.
    • Overly complex UIs are a sign of poor or dismissive design. RPGs which have complex UI systems are trolling players by confusing UI interaction with game world interaction.
  3. The representation of game entities should make sense.
    • This means artistic games need not apply
    • Pixel graphics that look like they’re from the 1970s didn’t make sense, they’re an indicator of poor creative problem solving or laziness.

Kerbal Space Program 7/10

It has rockets that go boom plus you can pretend you’re planning a space mission what else do you want?

Factorio 6/10

If you want to teach a person multicore programming techniques intuitively sit them down for 80 hours. Game runs out of ideas by the time you reach the oil tech tree and the technology becomes overpowered.

Arma 3 6/10

A very relaxing walking simulator for some reason the developers decided to add a rifle to the player model, strange flex but okay. The game has poor UI but if you decide to play this game for a while it gets better.

Warrior Kings: Battles 6/10

tbh its kinda fun. I liked it

Total War (insert version here) 5/10

Ya its kinda neat, defo a good time waster if you want to see random units from whichever time period you pick slaughter each other, problem is its more style than substance now that they are releasing the same game with new units and one gimmick every couple of years.

Minecraft 5/10

There are two kinds of people in this world, people who played it for the resource gathering and those who played it for the red stone and I have bad news for former. Overall its a tech demo that managed to be a game on memes alone.

There is no excuse for not adding proper 3D models to the game, no amount of “style” coping can excuse detached cubes being used to represent large parts of the model.

Colobot 5/10

Scratch is soulless shovel ware compared to this master piece.

Mount & Blade Warband 4/10

Best played with voice recognition software which transforms your voice into game actions. Otherwise the UI is horrible and looks dated even for when it came out. Essentially a first person total war game.

Space Station 13 4/10


Dwarf Fortress 3/10

This game is 90% flex and 10% fun. No one played it just for fun, they had to talk about it also. It could be a synthetic soul but everyone who played it liked it. 100% of flies can’t be wrong right?

This game has horrible UI and requires the user to read a manual to do basic things UI designers figured out in the 80s. Its more of a personal project than a game but it became a meme because of the snobbery factor of knowing how to navigate an ASCII UI.

All story based games 0/10

Nice try, you can’t trick me into buying a product with zero reuse value