It’s Unnecessary To Prohibit Technology

The prohibition of technology is utterly unnecessary because knowledge to implement technology is shared by a few while the desire to have convenient access to technology outweighs the desire to use technology which market policies or social popularity have made inconvenient.

Encryption Will Never Be Prohibited

Lets implement the simplest encryption algorithm we can think of, xor encryption can be done in a few lines of code but its not convenient for a person to have to keep a key to de-crypt messages, especially if they’re being sent to a phone device where user input is limited to their thumbs. A person who implements the algorithm would have to send a binary to a lay person who cannot himself implement the algorithm. The act of running a binary sent by a person with no visible authority requires trust, this drastically limits the reach of this technology simply because the technology was not implemented by default in their standard chat program. This makes it effectively a toy which would not be treated seriously by people who are “professional” and “respectable”, these people would never lower themselves to use something which a hobbyist created, to see a real life example; consider if it would be socially acceptable in your work place to insist people switch from whatsapp, slack or teams to jitsi, xmpp or irc. Even to consider using a non standard solution would raise eyebrows.

Torrent Software Was Never Prohibited

Even though its risky to share protected works over the internet through the torrent protocol people still do and some were made to pay fines for this act but bit torrent has been effectively made obsolete for the purpose of sharing protected works through changes in market policy and device usage. Non-technical people don’t use desktop computers anymore, their main device of choice is their phone on which they consume music and videos from subscription platforms, the rest of their time is spent on social media. The bit torrent technology never had to be prohibited by legal authority because changes in the market made it obsolete for media sharing, its only remaining unfavorable users are gamers which will probably be turned with game streaming platforms as they gain market share.