2007 may go down in history as the beginning of the decline of market creativity and technological progress

Key events of the timeline so far

  • 2007 Steve Jobs introduces the original iPhone.
  • 2007 Intel releases duo core processors marking a new direction of CPU development.
  • 2007 ML researchers begin using GPUs for machine learning creating demand for massive data sets.
  • 2008 Global financial crisis.
  • 2008 Quantitative easing begins in America and Europe.
  • 2009 Facebook gains mass popularity.
  • 2009 FarmVille released demonstrating the power of simple engagement building gimmicks.
  • 2009 Barack Obama becomes the first president to use social media in their presidential campaign beginning the politicization of social media platforms.
  • 2010 Various social media platforms gain mass popularity.
  • 2011 Agile software development principles gain popularity.
  • 2012 Github begins to gain popularity as a source code host for various projects.
  • 2013 Various platforms experiment with real name policies after promising studies surface in Korea.
  • 2013 Social media content makers discover click bait and bring light to the publics lack agency for content discrimination.
  • 2014 Signs of extreme political polarization begin to manifest.
  • 2014 Various “privacy” oriented IT services gain popularity, demonstrating growing public sentiment.
  • 2015 Discord released as centralized replacement for self hosted VOIP software.
  • 2016 Cambridge Analytica brags about predictive power of social media data sets for civil elections.
  • 2016 Chinese social media TikTok begins marketing in the U.S.
  • 2017 Social media platforms begin to add disclaimers to user content and begin to encourage using fact check websites.
  • 2018 Political agitation for repeal of section 230 begins.
  • 2019 “Big tech” antitrust investigations begin.
  • 2019 Corona virus spreads.
  • 2020 America forces the sale of Tiktok to American hands.